Mother’s Day Out

Operating under the training guidelines of the Weekday Education Program of Baylor University of Waco, Texas, the Mother’s Day Out Ministry uses Christian educational curriculum and related activities to bring learning, fun, direction, and focus into the lives of preschool children. Registration is required and available through the church office.
During the 2016-2017 preschool year, our M.D.O. had over 200 students enrolled. We rejoice in this great enrollment. The Mother’s Day Out Ministry of A.F.B.C. began during the fall semester of 2004 and has prospered well during each successive semester, growing in number and spirit. This ministry offers various options for preschool children from a two-day a week program all the way to a five-day a week program.
The Mother’s Day Out Ministry is a Weekday Education Ministry of the Arcadia First Baptist Church of Santa Fe. This is a “fee-base-ministry” ministry program. Funded and organizationally structured through the church, this ministry is designed to be a self-supporting ministry. Students pay fees to participate in the weekly program.
The Director of the Ministry is Julie Beanland. For more information, please contact the church office at 409-925-2825.