Sunday School/Bible Study Ministry

9:15 am – 10:15 am Sunday

A Place to Study, Spiritually Grow in Faith, & Connect with Others in a Positive Family Environment

The Sunday School/Bible Study Ministry of AFBC offers a wide selection of Bible study classes for all ages.  With 18 classes ranging in age from preschoolers to senior adults, this ministry provides Bible study classes and lessons with biblical application to each age group.
The Preschool Division consists of classes from Bed Babies to the 5 Year Old Class.
The Children’s Division consists of 3 classes with a place for each school grade from 1st grade through 6th grade.
The Youth Division consists of 2 classes: the 7th-8th Grade Class, the 9th-12th Grade Class.
Within the Adult Division, there are 8 Adult Bible Classes, ranging in age from High School graduates to senior adults. Also, there is an active Home bound Sunday School Department that ministers to adults who are restricted to their homes.
There is a place for everyone to seek out answers from God’s Word about your life.